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Liam Neeson Has Taken A Turn To The Trump Side

Liam Neeson Has Taken A Turn To The Trump Side


The recent revelation that Liam Neeson once stalked the streets in the hope of finding a black man - any black man - to bludgeon to death are shocking but in many ways not surprising. In a world of Trump and Brexit it seems that violent bigots have found the confidence to voice their real opinions.

No doubt Neeson will now be held up as a bastion of free speech by the alt-right. I mean he didn’t actually kill any black men did he, right? Persecuting him for setting out with the intention of killing someone based purely on the colour of their skin is just another example of Thought Crime and the ‘hysterical liberal left’, right?

Wrong. It would be more useful if those on the Right were to consider the unconscious bias and pedagogic conditioning that led Neeson to focus on the skin colour of his friends’ attacker rather than say their sex, height, hair colour or nationality?

Another unfortunate casualty of this incident will be Neeson’s movies. It’s reasonable to say that we shouldn’t throw out the hard work of the hundreds of artists who collaborate to produce a film just because of the indiscretions of one person. That said, I think it will be difficult to watch him play Oscar Schindler with the same suspension of disbelief as before.

Also if we look a bit deeper we can see a recent pattern of problematic decisions by Neeson that should have set off some alarm bells. Take this speech from the unexpected hit Taken. 

“You come to this country, take advantage of the system and think because we are tolerant that we are weak and helpless. Your arrogance offends me.”

I don’t think you need to be a dog to hear that particular dogwhistle. Speeches such as this, and the image of a white man striding the streets of Paris beating immigrant criminals (of course they are all criminals) to a pulp, helped spin an otherwise mediocre action flick into a multi-million dollar trilogy and reignited Neeson’s stagnant career.

In retrospect was his revelation so surprising?

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