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10 Right Wing Myths Debunked

10 Right Wing Myths Debunked

Everyone knows that tying to use logic with those on the right is a waste of time, but hey lets give it a go! Here are some central tenets of the conservative right mindset and why they are nonsense:

1. Donald Trump is Anti-Establishment 

Oh yes of course the privately educated heir to a billion dollar fortune who spent his life making real estate deals and schmoozing elected politicians on his Mar-A-Lago golf course is a dangerous political revolutionary. He must be, he wears a red cap!

2. Jordan Peterson is a Credible Intellectual

The truth is the only reason Peterson has gotten away with it for so long is because he has a folksy Canadian accent. It seems to blind people to the racist bile that underscores everything he says. He also has a neat trick, whenever he is pushed on a fact (doesn’t matter the topic) he always says he has read extensively on it but rarely brings forward the data. That’s a lot of reading Jordan....even for a professor.

3. The Green New Deal Is Impractical

Whereas doing nothing and waiting for mass extinction is entirely practical! 

4. Brexit was not Xenophobic

Of course the masses of people across the UK who voted for Brexit took the time to read the European Constitution and highlight the parts that they felt were incompatible with their vision for the future of Britain. It’s either that or ‘Take Back Control’ was just a slogan....surely not!

5. Nigel Farage - Man of the People 

Actually just see item 1 on the list and replace ‘billion’ with ‘million’ and ‘Mar-A-Lago’ with the ‘Dog & Duck Pub’.

6. The Media is Predominantly Left Wing

Ah yes….in years to come scraggy haired students will be walking around campus in t-shirts adorned with a portrait of their revolutionary left wing idol - Rupert Murdoch. I’m sure of it. 

7. EU Border controls are Necessary

How many times must it be said....immigration is a net benefit to the economy.

8. US Border controls are necessary

How many times must it be said....immigration is a net benefit to the economy.

9. Socialism has been tried and failed 

A glorious myth this one. Nobody ever seems to count the number of countries in the world where free-market capitalism failed over the past few centuries. What happens every time it fails? We double down and try it again. Just because an idea hasn’t yet been implemented to perfection doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea!

10. The left want to stop free speech

Actually yeah this one is not a myth. The internment camps are overflowing with right-leaning academics and journalists. Across the civilised world newspapers and television channels are being ruthlessly shut down by authoritarian left-wing governments. Sure!

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