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An online magazine dedicated to discussing the daily injustices of a sexist, racist and intolerant world.

We believe the world can change, but only if we have the courage to speak out.

Want To Join The Power To Truth Team?

Want To Join The Power To Truth Team?


Are you a progressive liberal with strong beliefs and a desire to speak out?

Would you like a platform to share your ideas?

We are looking for a talented writer and thinker to join the Power To Truth Team as a guest contributor.

Power To Truth was set up in February this year as a home for commentary and opinion pieces about politics and the world at large and as a counter-balance to all the right wing commentary in the mainstream media.

The response has been overwhelming and our site traffic has increased exponentially since launch. We are growing steadily but very much still in our infancy. What we would like to add for our next phase of growth is further diversity in our voice - this will help us cover a wider range of topics, from a wider geographical perspective, with new, interesting and provocative viewpoints.

You may write on any topic you like so long as it is current and fits with the political and social justice focus of the site. Beyond spelling and grammar we don’t intend to take a strong editorial line - so long as the piece is not offensive or libellous we are happy to give you free reign to express yourself.

At the moment we are operating at our own expense so are not in a position to offer payment for any pieces you submit, so this opportunity is ideally suited for someone who either already writes articles or blogs, or just feels they have a voice that needs to be heard and want to find a platform to get out there.

For reasons of privacy or career expediency you may write your pieces under a nom de plume as our current writing staff do, or write them under your own name. Either way we will feature your details on the About Us page including any contact info you might want to include. We will credit you on all articles that you provide if you wish.

If you are interested in this opportunity please drop us an email to powertotruthblog@gmail.com with some info on you and a sample of what you can do!

Looking forward to having you on board!

PTT Editorial Team

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