The Team


Bob McGuffin


Bob McGuffin is the nom de plume of our founder and editor-in-chief. Based in London Bob is our go-to-guy for all things Europe. He currently works in front of the camera for a British broadcasting corporation and created this website to allow him to vent his true opinions and avoid his employers strict impartiality guidelines. To protect his livlihood his true identity is a closely guarded secret.


Veronica Flamingo


Based across The Pond, Veronica has her finger on the pulse of all things current in US politics. She is also a vocal feminist and LGBTQI campaigner and journalist. In the spirit of the website (and to avoid accusations of moonlighting) she has also adopted an alter-ego for Power To Truth.


James Gold


I am a 45 year old business analyst from Peterborough in the UK. I am married and have two young children. I still have my inner-sense of innocence.

Millenial Falcon


I am a self-declared millennial snowflake and proud. I feel it’s important to laugh despite all the darkness around - I men seriously what’s the alternative?